CASE of 2700 participants for the women's online marathon for 25 cents
Hello there! It's Dmitry Matvienko - marketing specialist. This is the second case on this project and the first case can be read here — [CASE]How to reduce the cost of an application by 4 times for a women's info business?

Based on the last marathon, we decided to change the strategy and the product and started with the sales funnel.

Sales funnel

Last time the sales funnel was like this: advertising — a paid 3-day intensive for 92 cents — after that a monthly program for 37 dollars.

I have edited this funnel to the following view: advertising-free weekly marathon - 3 paid marathons in a row with the division of the service packages (cheap, standard, and VIP).

What did it give?
1. We expanded the funnel at the very top so that there were more people and, accordingly, more people bought a paid marathon.

2. Divided the monthly program into marathons of a week so that clients would get a full benefit on a specific marathon topic. Instead of a monthly schedule.

3. Introduced forked rates so that there is a choice of 3 rates. Thereby increasing the average check for our product.

Marketing strategy

Last time I set up advertising via taplink, so that people would first go to it and retarget via pixel. And then, they clicked on the button and texted WhatsApp.

The strategy was left in the same form. The only thing that changed the page's content was adding more buttons and a countdown to the start of the marathon.

I calculated the primary funnel based on the advertising budget and the indicators of past marathons, and that's what happened.

These were only approximate figures, which changed and added new coefficients.

Setting up advertising campaigns

Audience selection

  1. Look-a-like taplink messages - those who texted on WhatsApp
  2. Look-a-like phone numbers — those who bought past courses
  3. Look-a-like those involved in advertising are those who saw our advertising, but did not switch and did not buy the last course.
  4. Kazakhstan is the audience of Kazakhstan for a broad audience without interests.

Advertising creatives

Below is an example of the advertising creatives we used which worked best. The headliner and main speaker of the marathon, Yana Weyman (Vice Miss Russia), was used as the main image.

Total results

Total spent: 714.35 dollars (for the period from 25 January to 11 February)

Received leads on WhatsApp: 2718

Average price per lead for all tests: 26 cents

Price per lead for the primary campaign: 26 cents

This is what the funnel looks like after all the tests. There are 2 new parameters:

  1. Taplink conversion rate is 45% — not all people switch to WhatsApp from taplink visitors. It was possible to find out only after tests and collecting statistics.
  2. The rest of the participants during the marathon — some people leave it and unsubscribe during the marathon. But, again, this is a regular practice, and we need to work with it.
Sales funnel after all tests, but not yet final. The final figures are higher but are not disclosed at the client's request.

Video customer review

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