[Case] Leads for a free tour of townhouses from 3.90$
Hello everyone! Today I would like to tell you about the case of the company Quiet Yard, with which we have been working for over a year.

The company builds and sells townhouses in Novosibirsk. It had started relatively recently and had not previously run any targeted advertising.

1. Task

To attract potential customers to take a free tour of townhouses.

2. Audience

The audience was used widely, without detailed targeting, since real estate is included in a particular advertising category on Facebook.

3. Advertising creatives
For advertising creatives, we decided to use not only photos of townhouses but also a more dynamic video of the process of construction and house planning as well as their layouts.

Examples of the creative can be seen below. Pleasant, pastel colors that appeal to the eye. The design is light and stylish without being overpowering.

4. Advertising companies

This project used different advertising campaign goals, but mostly it was conversions. The advertising traffic was directed to a website where an entry form for a tour of the residential complex and the townhouses themselves is filled out. As a result, we received applications for an excursion for 3.90 dollars.

Final Results

We did not conduct an accurate analysis of the project, so it is difficult to name a specific number of applications. But it is possible to say one thing, THERE WERE MANY APPLICATIONS! Almost all of the Leads were targeted, and some of them flowed into buying a house

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