[CASE] How to reduce the cost of an application by 4 times for a women's info business?
Hello all) It's Dmitry Matvienko - marketing specialist.

One evening a friend of mine wrote to me:

Dima, a client, has knocked, and she's in trouble. Her course starts in a week, and her marketer is missing and messing up badly. I can't take it because I'm busy and the topic is not close to me. Maybe you could give it a try and take a look? I've written to see what's up. I liked the theme and the client. After that, I wanted to save the situation, help the person, and make a great case).

What was there before me?

They had a target-trader, who worked for a week and rested for a week. He launched something and tested it, but he rested more and worked a "shoddy job.".

During his work period, he received around 119 leads at an average price of 2 dollars. The client was more or less satisfied with this result. Still, the constant disappearances and lack of requests were very annoying.

What happened after me?

The start of the Intensive was scheduled for December 5. The client wrote on November 26. There was a little more than a week left. There was no time to delay.

The first advertising campaign
On the same day as the client wrote, I set up the advertising campaign. Took the creatives and texts that were there. Added 3-4 look-a-like audiences and several audiences with interests and launched.

The first campaign ran from November 26 to November 28. The applications were 98 cents each, but they started getting more expensive and eventually reached 1.48 dollars.

It was possible to reduce the application price from 2 to 1.48 dollars, but we could do better. Therefore, I decided to make a new advertising campaign to lower the cost.

The second advertising campaign

  1. Collected the best pictures and texts from past campaigns;
  2. Based on them, made new images and texts;
  3. By analyzing past audiences selected the most effective ones for the new ads;
The new advertising campaign ran from November 28 to December 5;

Results of the second advertising campaign:

574 leads were received at an average price of 51 cents, so this is the main conclusion and is considered the most important.

A lead was a person who went to the website (taplink) and then wrote message on Whatsapp. As a result, we reduced the price per lead from 1.48 dollars to 0.5 dollars compared to my last campaign. And also from 2 to 0.5 dollars compared to the previous targeting campaign.


  1. The client is saved. My client collected more leads in a week with me than in almost a month with another targeting campaign. (119 with the past, 574 with me).
  2. The lead price has been reduced by 4 times. Therefore, it decreased the lead price from 2 dollars to 0.5 dollars (Compared with the last targeting campaign).


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