[Case] Leads for 86 cents for designer clothes with a painting on Instagram

Hi! My name is Dmitry Matvienko - marketing specialist. Alina Zagorulina is a designer of clothing and painting denim and other clothing.

She asked me to bring targeted traffic to her account to increase sales.

There was another targeting specialist before me, but he had a problem quickly igniting audience bases and clicks over 12 cents.

1. Task

— Increase the number of applications/clients with targeted advertising

— Solve the problem with rapid burnout of databases

2. Execution

2.2 Audience selection

Total launched three audiences for the whole of Russia in cities over 750,000 population.

  1. Clothing — women ages 26 to 44 interested in clothing: jeans, jackets, pants, sweaters, t-shirts, etc.
  2. Beauty — women aged 26 to 44 interested in beauty, fashion, and style.
  3. Businesswomen between the ages of 26 and 44 are interested in business and entrepreneurship. This audience was chosen because the jackets cost above average, and the audience should be sufficiently solvent.

2.3 Making ads

2.3.1 Selection of images

The pictures were selected from those that got the most likes and comments. Here's an example of 4 of these used in the advertising campaign. I used 10 pictures in total so that Instagram itself chose the best one and sent the most traffic to it.

2.3.2 Writing catchy text headlines

I carefully work through the headlines of my advertisements. And focus on women's deepest needs and pains: self-doubt and lack of attention. I also concentrate on fakes and low-quality clothes from other brands.
2.2.3 Writing ad text

In the final text, I work out the specific advantages of the customer's product. Then, I show why our product is worth buying and give specific facts that confirm this.
3. Results

The test campaign was conducted from June 6 to 19, below is a screenshot from that period.
Total clicks: 9238

Average CTR: 1,96%

Average click price: 6.7 cents

Total spent: 622.63 dollars

Total subscribers for the period: 727 leads

Subscriber's price: 86 cents

4. Conclusion

The most effective audience was "Business" (2.3% ctr and 5.7 cents per click). According to the client, this audience was also well converted into a sale.

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