Case of 300 leads for Natalia Grace's training in Novosibirsk

Elena, the organizer of Natalia Grace's training in Novosibirsk, contacted me through a friend. The training starts on October 4, but there are no applications; there is very little time (about 1.5 months), and applications are needed.

At the same time, Elena started working with other contractors on VK. Still, everything was deaf, and there were no applications, let alone sales.

Advertising campaign

I chose a strategy for generating leads; I focused on getting people's phone numbers. People see ads and leave a request, and the site is unnecessary since everything happens inside Instagram. After leaving the contact, it falls to the mail and the Google table for convenience.


Age: 20-55

Placements: Stories + Feed

  1. Broad audience with no interest in Novosibirsk
  2. Broad audience without interests Regions (nearest cities to Novosibirsk)
  3. Natalia Grace's subscribers, also a similar audience to those who subscribe to her
  4. A similar audience to those who left applications for Natalia Grace's training


Below are the best-worked creatives. My style of creativity: minimalism (concise and straightforward) and contrast (striking and catchy).


Campaign statistics from 30 August to 29 September

Total spent: 377,86 dollars

Received leads: 283

Lead price: 1,34 dollars
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