[CASE] Leads for 65 cents for the Stretching studio on Instagram
Hello all) It's Dmitry Matvienko - marketing specialist. I have accumulated many cases. It's time to tell what is interesting and what are the results.

I was addressed by an old acquaintance from her Studio of Stretch on Instagram, whom I also did advertising in the summer on Instagram. Unfortunately, I have not yet recorded the cases at that time, and the result is not saved.

The client launched something by himself, but could not correctly evaluate the results.

1. Task

— Receive applications to sign up for the first free lesson in the stretching studio at 2.7 dollars or less.

2. Execution

2.1 Audience Selection:

Identified 3 key audiences on this topic:

  1. Women who are interested in sports (fitness, yoga, stretching, etc.)
  2. Look-a-like 1% on those who have written messages to Direct
  3. Look-a-like 1% on those who liked, commented, and saved the entries.
There were restrictions on all audiences:

— By age 18-44

— By geolocation 3 km from the stretch studio

3. Making ads

3.1 Photo/Video selection

3.2 Writing text

  1. I selected the Instagram profile picture with the most likes in the comments.
  2. Divided them into 3 groups according to meaning (woman with a coach, flexible girls, and group classes).
  3. Also found an excellent sales video that invites you to a free trial session.
  4. Wrote several texts with catchy headlines.
  5. Prescribed the benefits of stretching classes.
  6. I prescribed a Call-to-action in the form of a discount for the first subscription and an appointment for the first trial lesson.
4. Results

Advertising campaign for the period 23 November to 30 November 2018
Total clicks: 385

Average CTR: 1,32%

Average click price: 13 cents

Total spent: 50.93 dollars

Total requests: 77

Conversion to circulation: 20%

The price of circulation: 65 cents

Appeal - a person who wrote to Direct, WhatsApp, or called the number. Signed up for a trial session: 25 people.

Conversion to record: 32,4%

The price of recording a trial session: 2 dollars

Came in for a trial session: 14 people

Conversion per visit: 56%

Bought a subscription after a trial session: 8 people

Conversion to sales: 57,1%

5. Conclusion

Of the creatives, the selling video worked best. The carousels were also spinning well, but the video works better.

Subscriptions worth more than 370 dollars were sold for this advertising campaign. Also, according to the studio owner, women often take the second or third month and beyond. Therefore, the income figures are still without LTV, which will come in the following months.

We continue to work with the owner of the studio. The plan is to test Instagram Stories videos, look for new audiences and new creatives, and get more people to try it out.

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