[CASE] How to get customers for premium tours and not only from Instagram

A client came to us from St Petersburg DelAart for premium tours to the Maldives, Bali, Singapore, and many other countries worldwide. The difference between these tour operators is the super-exclusive tours for the VIP segment. Tours start from a budget of 6153.85 dollars.

What was before us?
Before us, the client himself launched the promotion of publications through the Instagram application. Later, the client had other targetologists who set up ads on Facebook and Instagram. But the results of the different target companies were not satisfactory to the client. There were many problems with targetologists disappearing, doing poorly, taking a long time to respond, and not being involved in the project.

The client decided to contact us because:
1. We don't disappear.
2. Always respond on time within an hour during working hours (every day from 11 to 23 Moscow time).
3. We launch advertising within 3 days maximum.
4. We respond in advance to the burnout of the audience and pictures. We prepare new campaigns before.
5. We listen to clients regarding the quality of leads, and quantity, and we make corrections to the advertising campaigns.

The first 3 test advertising campaigns:
Total spent: 41.97 dollars
Received leads: 10
Lead price: 4.20 dollars

From these campaigns, we received applications for one individual tour worth more than 7384.61 dollars and several applications for special offers to Bali and the Maldives.

Examples of advertising creatives
4 advertising campaign
Set up advertising with new creatives with animations to a test audience. Can't disclose the audience, as it's a corporate secret.

As a result, we received 12 leads at an average price of 1.60 dollars. We received feedback from the client that the leads have an average travel budget of 2.46-3692.31 dollars. The client was not satisfied with such leads, because the minimum budget for tours is 6153.85 dollars.

5 advertising campaign
After that, we switched the audience to a more solvent one and continued testing. As a result, we received 3 Leads for 20.52 dollars, and the advertisement is still running. And with these 3 leads, there is one client with a budget of about 12307.69 dollars for the trip.

All the results of these campaigns were obtained within a month of working with us. We continue to work further with the client to improve the results.
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