[Case] How we pulled ROMI online school from -50% to 300% in 3 months
Hello all) It's Dmitry Matvienko - leader of the traffic agency for online schools. We bring up to 3000 Leads a day to webinars and marathons.

My client is a producer with an online school for learning pastry (how to make cakes, pastries of all kinds, and attractive ones). Initially, the project counted only clicks and registrations in the project. There was no complete analytics, the client considered only income and expenses within a month, but it could not continue like this….

Step 1 To grow up, one needed to start counting numbers.

If you have an online school, and you only count income, expenses, leads, and advertising budget. In that case, I have bad news for you. In this scenario, you do not understand what affects the result and what does not. It's like putting money in a black box and getting money back out of it. Or not, depending on what kind of box it is.

Usually, at this point, it's enough that you have something like the one below. This is the minimum you need to get to step 2.

Step 2 Start counting the whole funnel, and the picture becomes clear.

Further, in the next stage, we add these columns to the upper table to see the dynamics of changes every day. At this stage, you begin to see clicks, leads, and the money that advertising brings you and how well it pays off.

A quick reference: RPM = Costs/Revenues as a percentage (this is a kind of alternative) ROMI, who counts how.
In general, if you have Getcourse, Bison, and other services, you can give the task to an assistant or technical specialist to upload this data to a table every day. Of course, this step takes time and human resources, but it's worth it.

The only problem with this step is that it is unclear what kind of creatives and bundles give money. And perhaps we're spending money on advertising things that don't make money.

Usually, people get stuck at this stage and do not move on, although it is possible to scale ads and grow by 2-5 times by the following steps.

Step 3 Breaking down our analytics into individual elements.

If at this stage you still don't want to implement end-to-end analytics and don't suffer, then we move on) And if you wish to, write to PM)

Next, our task is to understand which creatives and links provide income and which do not. Then, finally, turn off the creatives that do not bring profit and scale what brings profit well.

We take all the creatives and record how much we spent on each creative manually once a week. The income is taken from UTM tag uploads from the Getcourse.
Quote: yes, we are not lazy to do it because it directly affects how much money we make to the customer. Can it be easier? Yes, it can! Read the next step.

Step 4 Implement end-to-end analytics
Hooray! We got to the most exciting part. Analytics can be very different. I have seen only a few types in online schools: based on roistat, google data studio, and other analytics.

Most often, I see it based on google data studio, and it looks like this:

Such analysts can be cheap and very expensive (from 246.15 to 12307.69 dollars). It all depends on your tasks, the number of funnels, webinars, and your settings.

I don’t have screenshots based on Roistat (More often, we work with the option provided on top.

I showed only the main analytics screen. There are 7-8 of them with different sections by date, tags, contractors, funnels, etc.

Back to the story itself:
We went from the first step to the third one in 3 months, digitized everything, and raised the ROMI of funnels from -50% to 300%. Next, we are implementing end-to-end analytics to simplify the collection of these analytics and scale the working links even more and more).

This is how a simple supply and systematization of numbers allows you to keep your finger on the pulse every day and make more money)

Regarding traffic and end-to-end analytics, leave a request below)

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