[CASE] 6000 registrations from Instagram for doll embroidery webinars
Hello all) It's Dmitry Matvienko. My specialization is info business and online schools. I bring up to 10,000 leads, and registrations for webinars/marathons.

The background to this case study
I joined Andrey Zakharyan's group 3 to start making lunches for myself. I introduced myself in the chat, and oh gods, the creator of the club answered me)

As a result, I promised to pack up my cases to show my latest and up-to-date results.

About the project
The speaker of the project is Natalia Yerizheva, a master of handmade interior dolls. For more than 8 years, she has inspired women to create textile dolls and soft toys with their own hands.
Before me, the customer worked only on Vkontakte and already received applications up to $0,44 on average. We tested Instagram, but it was impossible to make many applications. They were simultaneously up to $0,44. The VK targetologist had not worked with large budgets on Instagram before and did not know all the features of working with it. Therefore, the customer contacted me to get targeted traffic up to $0,44 per application.

We launched a test campaign for 1 webinar, to begin with. Recruited about 3-4 days before the webinar at the client's request. The budget was set at $296,8 to test creatives and gather people for a webinar.
According to the results of the first webinar, we received registrations for an average of $0,28 , which greatly pleased the client. Also, the target turned out to be much more solvent and responsive, which impacted good sales compared to Vkontakte.
Then continued to run the same test ads for the 2nd and 3rd webinars.

Results of the first test campaign

Total spent: $644,22
Registrations received: 1963
Average registration price: $0,32
After that, they launched a permanent advertisement (not by a specific date). After that, we found auto webinars and started gathering people every day.

The results of the second test campaign
There was a minor bug on the part of FB - an incorrect display of conversion to the thank you page. At first, we could not figure out why we had two times more modifications than getcourse.
Later, they found out why the client himself set up many different conversions, which confused Facebook. This did not affect the work of FB; the only thing was that it was a bit more inconvenient to fill in the daily statistics

Total spent: $323,56
Registrations received: 1440
Average registration price:$0,22
We managed to further reduce the cost of registration due to new audiences and the best creatives from the previous test.

Results of the third campaign
We decided to make some video creatives for the test in the third campaign and see how they performed. And they showed themselves just great!
We also added Ukraine for the test, registrations there were at a level of $0,1, but the payment capacity has suffered because of it. So then it was decided not to use Ukraine

Total spend: $582,2
Registrations received: 2685
Average registration price:$0,20
Below is the best video creative that worked.


Total spend: $155,46
Registration received: 6088
Average registration price: $0,24
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