Case Leads for 90 cents for a WOMEN'S CLOTHING showroom
Hi! My name is Dmitry Matvienko, and I am a marketing specialist.

Rukav.54 — the women's clothing showroom in Novosibirsk appealed to increase the number of customers and test advertising fully (previously, they promoted only individual posts on Instagram).

1. Task

— Test Instagram ads

— Find target audiences for further advertising campaigns

— Increase the number of showroom clients

2. Execution

2.2 Audience Selection:

The audiences chosen were as follows:

  1. Involved 365 — people who interacted with the client's account last year (liked, commented, wrote in Direct, etc.).
  2. Look-a-like involved 365 — the same people who interact with the client's account.
  3. Women 18-44 Clothes — people who are interested in clothes: sweaters, sweatshirts, skirts, jeans, etc. (The main products of the client)
  4. Women 18-44 except for clothes — all the other people. This fourth audience was needed to test all the remaining people in general. Since the city of Novosibirsk, though a millionaire, the coverage without the 4th audience was very small.

Important point: Don't forget to exclude audiences from each other, so there are no intersections. Many people don't know about this, and many forget to do it

2.3 Making ads

2.3.1 Selection of images

Images with professional models were available, so we decided to use them. Added prices and names of clothes in a minimalistic version to attract the audience's attention.
Attention here is primarily attracted by the price because my client's prices are very affordable.

2.3.2 Writing catchy text headlines

2.2.3 Writing ad text

Photo of the final text of the ad (one of the texts) that showed itself best (spoiler). I also worked out 5 variants of titles in style: Do you want to upgrade by the fall?

The mechanics were such that the girls had to write to Direct to pick up their gifts. They write to Direct and the manager invites them to come to the store for gifts with their clothes.

The approximate mechanics is that a mug or a bracelet goes to a thing for 123 dollars, for example, and many people come for this bracelet.

3. Results

The test campaign was conducted from September 19 to September 30, and it was during this period that the screenshot below

Total clicks: 481

Average CTR: 2,08%

Average click price: 9.3 cents

Total spent: 44.56 dollars

Total subscribers for the period: 49

Subscriber's price: 91 cents

4. Conclusions

The Lookalike audience showed itself best (2.27% CTR and a click price of 8.6 cents). In most of my projects, this audience shows good results. And I also recommend that you try to test it.
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