[CASE Study] 4 models in a month for a webcam studio from Ukraine with Google Ads
Hey! My name is Dmitry, I'm a webcam marketer. I help webcam studios get more models and earn more money.

Why did the client ask me? What are his goals and objectives?

The client had a problem: there were a few requests, and they came only from Instagram and old subscribers. There was no new manageable source of traffic. The task was to start getting models for interviews. So that we could expect their coming and can grow further. At the moment there were requests, but not many, and it was uncontrollable.
The first difficulties

The client said he needed requests for models. There is no site right now, but it was once. I took a look at the site and realized that it was still there, but because of IP blocking from Ukraine, the Tilda did not work. I duplicated the site, moved it to my domain and everything started working.

Then I set up Google analytics, connected conversions, and parsed keywords like "webcam jobs", "webcam work" etc. After that, I set up advertising campaigns. Finally, the requests started coming bit by bit. I also connected notifications via Telegram. This way the lead is immediately sent to a special Telegram chat with all info when it comes in.
What has been done to get 4 models:
  1. The site was restored and moved to a new domain.
  2. Created a new Google ads account, and linked the card for advertising payments.
  3. I set up Google Analytics and created a conversion rate, which will be used to optimize the advertising campaign.
  4. I've turned on notifications of new requests on Telegram.
  5. Checked all the key elements: forms, alerts, analytics.
  6. Launched an ad and monitored its effectiveness every day.
  7. Then the client correctly and on time handling applications, inviting interviews, and closing the ready models.
  8. Profit!
My approach to working

I create as many requests as possible that can be turned into models at a minimal cost. At the same time, I am always updating ads, adding new keywords, monitoring the success of particular groups of ads, and turning off ineffective ones.

In addition, I fill out a table of key metrics daily: clicks, how much was spent, and leads. I regularly asked about the quality of leads to correct the ads in time, based on feedback from the client.

If I see that something could be improved, better, or changed, I always tell the client about it.
Some more complications
There was also a problem that we can't find the phone numbers of the requests in Telegram and WhatsApp. So I quickly added a new attribute to the form - "Your Telegram login". This helped to find people much more often.

What are my guarantees in the work?
I give a guarantee to the client that I will work 30 advertising days. If there are any blockages or delays, I will 100% complete all the days that I promised.
Total spent: 27580,02 UAH = 741,87$
Total requests: 54
Average request price: 510,74 UAH = 13,74$
Assigned interviews: 36
Passed the interview and were handed over to the administrator for registration: 9
Models: 4
Average model price: 6895 UAH = 185,47$
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